Spray Tanning






At Devine Beauty, Lyla is passionate about delivering stunning, professional results.  I use top quality Black Magic spray tans, these offer rich, natural colour that lasts up to 10 days, for the very best results from your tan please see the tips and preparation guide below.


  • 100% eco certified DHA, Botanical Erythrulose

  • Lasts 7-10 days

  • Paraben, DEA and Propylene Glyco free

  • Deep natural colour

  • Fragrance free

  • Made from the finest quality ingredients

  • Aloe Vera and green tree extract

  • Fast drying, odourless, non-sticky

  • Will fade evenly like a natural tan

  • Contains 10% to 15% DHA



Black Magic - 2 Hour Rapid Spray Tan


When washing the tan off, only rinse and use warm water, do not use any soaps and/or shampoo's as these may affect the final result, especially if you are having a shower 2-3 hours after application.


Only pat dry your body, colour should be visible after showering however colour will keep developing for up to 8 hours.


Black Magic Supernatural Spray Tan - 2 hour or 8 hour


Supernatural 8 Hour Dark has been developed for the tanning enthusiasts who wants a darker, deep tan.  This solution has the highest grade of DHA available on the market, by using a pharmaceutical grade, 100% ECO certified DHA you can be assured of a perfect tan with every application.

Supernatural 8 Hour Dark has a great depth of colour.  Green base solution.


Preparation For Tan


  • Exfoliate - very important -  with gloves or mitt every day for 1-5 days and moisturise

  • Wax or shave 24 hours before - this will allow the hair follicles/pores to close back up before getting your tan

  • Bring loose, dark clothing - also remember if it is raining cover up as much as you can

  • Shower and remove any body lotion, moisturisers, perfume, deodorant and makeup.  These items create a barrier between the solution and your skin.  The solution will not absorb properly if not removed from the skin


During Tan Developing


  • Avoid water and sweating for at least 12 hours after the treatment

  • When washing tan off only rinse and use warm water, use body wash only where necessary

  • Only pat dry your body


Maintainance Of Tan


  • For the whole duration of your tan avoid long, hot showers or baths.  Quick showers are fine

  • Pat your skin dry as opposed to vigorous rubbing

  • Your tan's best friend is a moisturiser.  Use it morning and night as the tan has to stay plastered to your skin.  Dry skin flakes off easily taking the tan with it


Full Body

Lower Body & Upper Body


20 min

10 min






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