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Waxing For The Men






Specialist in all body waxing from brows to toes!


Lyla Snell, waxing expert, will deliver perfectly smooth skin (actually she is a little obsessive about it!)

We tailor your waxing treatment specifically for you.

We specialize in the BEST and most PAINLESS techniques of Brazilian and Body Waxing for MEN and WOMEN.


Specialist Lyla Snell is renowned for her amazing, thorough results.  Once you've tried, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK.


Brazilian Waxing


Brazilians is my most popular treatment, my goal is to provide you with the most comfortable, thorough Brazilian with great prices for first time or maintenance and re-booking client specials.


Removal of the hair both in the public and anal region (if required), leaving a neat strip along the front pubic bone - or removal of all hair if required.  If you leave a strip you can cut the hair (if required).

You will be surprised, as most are, as to why you did not have a Brazilian a long time ago after feeling the hygenic, fresh and sexy results.


Adam & Eve Wax (Angelic Beads)


This is a gentle wax containing absolutely no pine resins, preservatives or dyes so it is suitable for the most sensitive of skins.  

Ultra pliable and formulated with titanium dioxide to reduce redness.  This pure wax sets quickly but remains flexible giving a less painful waxing experience.  Recommended especially for sensitive skins.

We use two different types of wax:

Strip Wax - used for large and tough areas, eg. legs, arms, backs and chest

Hot Wax - for more sensitive areas, eg. bikini, brazilians, underarms and face

We use Hot Wax only on these areas as a strip wax is not recommended to be used on this area as it is too harsh for the skin.


About Waxing


Waxing helps reduced the length of time of re-growth due to total removal of the hair bulb from the follicle.

The re-growth is softer as the new hair is a total re-growth, compared to shaving where the hair is sliced across the top and becomes sharp when it pushes back up through the skin.


You will have to have a reapeat appointment every 3-5 weeks depending on hair growth.


Waxing Preparation


We strongly recommend you follow our preparation for waxing, especially for Brazilians and Bikini waxes.


  • Do Not Take Hot Showers Or Use Soaps And Shower Gels for at least 8 hours prior to waxing, especially before a Brazilian Wax.  This can cause the skin to perspire and therefore cause removal of the skin.  If you use soaps or body wash with moisturisers this can make waxing difficult and cause peeling of the skin and also cause the hairs to break at the surface and can be more painful and does not give a clean, smooth Brazilian Wax.  If you wish, you may have a cool shower or cool sink wash but do not use soaps or body wash.

  • Avoid Exercise, Saunas or anything that will cause perspiration for 12-24 hours prior to waxing as this also makes skin hot and perspire.

  • Do Not Apply Moisturisers to the skin for at least 48 hours prior to waxing to avoid broken hairs.

  • To Reduce Pain you may take pain killers, such as Neurophen Plus, 45 minutes prior to waxing.  If you drink coffee or alcohol before waxing this can cause waxing to be more painful as this stimulates your nerves.


After Care For Waxing


  • Avoid Exercise, Saunas etc for 12-24 hours after waxing

  • Avoid Hot Showers for 6 hours after waxing as this causes perspiration and can cause infection from          in-grown hairs

  • Avoid Touching Freshly Waxed Skin.  When your skin has just been waxed the pores are still open and are exposed to infection so try to keep the area as clean as you can

  • Avoid Nylon Underwear And Tight Clothing as this can aggravate and heat the skin, especially in summer


How Do I Take Care Of My Skin & In-Grown Hairs After Waxing?


  • Exfoliating creams, dry body brushing with a natural bristle body brush is great for legs and arms to keep skin smooth after body waxing.  There are many products on the market that may help with in-grown hairs, some work better than others.  One great, easy, homemade exfoliant and healer is crushed sea salt mixed in oil or natural shower gel.  Salt is an amazing healer, it has antibacterial properties that can draw out infection and dry infected in-grown areas

  • Another product that helps with in-grown hairs is an antibiotic cream or gel applied 2 days after waxing for 14 days.  This may help in reducing in-grown hair infections

  • The best moisturisers and oils to use on the body after waxing are those with natural healing and antibacterial properties

  • All the above help in keeping the skin smooth and in-grown hair problems at bay, as long as you are consistent, with a daily regime


Pregnancy & Brazilians


Ladies wanting to have Brazilians while pregnant need to read this.  It applies to everyone prior to having a Brazilian especially more so when pregnant.


Recently there are more and more ladies while pregnant wanting to have Brazilians in preparation for having a baby.  I have spoken to a few midwives and they are saying that it is becoming a trend and as a pre-birthing prep for many ladies. 

Some midwives are also suggesting it to their clients.  If you are wanting to have this during your pregnancy I am advising ladies to start having them earlier on in the pregnancy, the earlier the better.  If you're not feeling so well in the first trimester you're best to start around 4 months into the pregnancy.


Once you have started having the Brazilian, it is highly recommended to make sure you keep it up every                  4 weeks until you are nearly due.  The reason for keeping it up so often is that the area being waxed while pregnant is very hot and sweaty, become swollen and the skin also becomes softer, thinner and more sensitive. Being a vascular area (a lot of blood flow) and if the preparation advice (see above) is not followed, then having Brazilians for the first time or over 6 weeks during the later part of your pregnancy, some tearing of the skin can occur.


So having it done very 4 weeks means there is not a lot of hair in the area, it is fine and sparse and comes away easier.  With first timers and over 6 week Brazilians at the later part of pregnancy the hair is dense, stronger and can be a problem to wax.

Half Leg


Full Leg


High Bikini

Brazilian - 1st time

Brazilian Maintenance ( 4-6 wks)

Brazilian Upkeep (2-3 wks)


Eyebrow Shape

Lip or Chin

Full Arm

Half Arm

Face (Lip, Chin, Jawline)

Lip & Chin

30 min

30 min

60 min

20 min

30 min

Up to 60min

Up to 45min

45 min

15 min

20 min

15 min

15 min

10 min

20 min

15 min 
















Chest or Back

Full Leg

Full Leg & Speedo Line

30 min

70 min

85 min






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